Madhav Kumar Nepal

working committee meeting of IMPWC, Vietnam, July 2, 2016

 Date: July, 2016

Respectable Chairperson,

Distinguished delegates,

Ladies and gentlemen,


I, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML), the people of Nepal and on my own, would like to extend my cordial felicitations, earnest affinity and warm greetings to the dignitaries participating on this happy occasion of the 18th preparatory International Meeting of the Communist and Workers' Parties (IMPWC) in this beautiful Ho chi minh City, Vietnam. We highly appreciate for the significant role played by the Communist Party of Vietnam in order to hosting such an important working Group's meeting aiming at making the October IMPWC meeting a big success. It will also help us to summing up the comments and suggestions received from the previous meeting to contribute them for advantages of the working, oppressed and just loving people of the world. This remarkable input for development, expansion and consolidation of the international communists and workers movement will have a great and glowing significance. Our cordial congratulation and gratitude go to the organizers for arranging such a gathering and inviting us in this important event.       

Dear comrades,

Nepal, a small nation sandwiched between two Asian Giants, India and China, lies on the lap of the lofty Mount Everest, acknowledged as the land of Lord Buddha and perceived as the enthusiastic ancient saga of Buddhism. In this land, the home of Lord Buddha, we, the Nepali Communists, Workers, Left and democratic forces have fought several years for democracy, social justice, equality, sustainable peace, meaningful progress and equitable prosperity and played vital role in the democratic movement against the Rana oligarchy, Panchayati autocracy and absolute monarchy witnessing myriad of vicissitudes in term of arduous struggles. The events, incidents and accidents of our past are multifarious to us, our experiences are mélange of light and shadow of life and achievements are full of blood, tears and toil. After a long dragged struggle, we finally arrived at the point where we have been able to establish the Federal Republic of Nepal promulgating a new Constitution on September the 20th of 2015 heralding a promising era with fresh flag of rebuilding of nation and shinning banner of new system for Nepal.

The achievements of the peoples' struggle have been institutionalized by the constitution enshrining universal democratic values, social justice and inclusive democratic system. Fundamental rights to basic education and health, right to food and shelter and right to employment and safer environment have been ensured. Gender equality has been guaranteed, 33% seats for women in every state organs is secured and preferential rights as well the affirmative provisions for Dalits, indigenous community, minorities and differently able people are declared. The constitution has recognized the diversity of Nepali society and enshrined the multi-lingual, multi-cultural and secular set up of the society. Our constitution has acknowledged the three-pillar economy of the socialist orientation guaranteeing the right of decent work for the working class.

Distinguished delegates,

All the achievements are bagged through inclusive democratic procedure in the Constituent Assembly. The draft constitution was widely circulated among the people, public opinion and suggestions were incorporated in the final draft. Out of 597 Constituent Assembly members, 90% had voted in favor of the constitution and around 10% of the members had been abstained from voting. We believe on a wide chest, colossal heart and open mind to forge national consensus in such an abyss created by elongated instability, infinitive transitional phase and embarrassing national aspiration. Therefore the grievances of the abstaining parties will be embalmed during the implementation process of constitution through the due procedure of amendment, if needed.

Mean while, Nepal faced devastating and reoccurring earthquakes in April 2015 that led to arduous situation, unbearable hardship and unimaginable grievances to the people. We came together to cope up the disaster playing vital role for effective measure, prompt actions to emergency response and relief as well the reconstruction at the people’s level.

Now, the constitution implementation process is in motion, a new government, after the promulgation of constitution has been formed in the premiership of our party Chairman, Comrade K P Sharma Oli comprising of almost all the left parties and democratic parties as well. Madam Bidhya Devi Bhandari, a prominent leader of the women movement from our party, former vice-chairperson has assumed the dignified post of President through election, and respectively assumed the high office of the Speaker by another woman leader of the coalition partner Communist Party and a Madheshi veteran is elected the Deputy Speaker in the Legislative Parliament. It has reflected a wonderful and perfect mosaic character of the Nepali society. Finally, we have arrived at the entrance of a new era spinning through several upheavals, traversing myriads of vicissitudes and overtook numerous of turn and bends basically putting into a logical end of the democratic political revolution with our own Nepali Character. 

In the due course of history, many countries in the world let them be of any parts of the globe had been endured agonies of war, violent conflict and mass cleansing. In accordance with the conflict theory, class exploitation, discrimination, autocracy as well gluttony, vengeance and grievances have been the root cause of social unrest. Nepal has also undergone a decade long armed conflict jeopardizing developmental process, mounting loss of lives and infrastructural destruction along with other national properties though the violence launched in the name of working class (the root cause might be of grievances emanated from social, economical, political),  has further enfeebled the workers' power.

Dear comrades,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for the arrangement of such a platform where the voice of the developing countries and least developed countries in particular can be heard for a fairer international order. So far as I am concerned, excessive centralization of capital seems the source of inherent crisis of capitalism and the crisis keeps on occurring in a cyclical form as the conclusion of Karl Marx has been proven true again at the beginning of 21st century when the US, Japan and some European countries faced a series of financial crisis with global consequences. Immediate steps taken in the face of crisis protected this global financial capitalism from total collapse. However, the capitalist world does not have its permanent solution. The quake of the crisis has shaken the ideological and moral basis of the proponents of the neo-liberalism that advocate for an uncontrolled market economy and see the state merely facilitator in the economic process. They immediately hold back advocating to state intervention. This phenomenon justifies that such financial crisis would eventually lead towards the end of capitalism and lays the socio-economic foundation, the establishment of socialism. The existing world economic order that prevails under the hegemony of multinational institutions like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organization and so on, have been hopeless to create an egalitarian, just and equitable society. As the result pressure is mounting for a new order to re-architect the existing institutions creating alternatives, if the engineering of existing one does not work.

Global financial capitalism has been pursuing an offensive strategy to cope up the crisis. Its offense has been manifested in various forms like ideological, political, economic, military, cultural and even psychological. Protections of the autocratic regime, faithful to capitalist interests and interfere in the international affairs to be supportive to the capitalists even breaching the international laws has been observed a basic characteristic of global capitalist polity. Immense pressure upon developing countries to open up their markets for global investment forcing them to squeeze public investment and weakening the labor force, the capitalism usually pursues neo-liberal economic offence. Military interventions are quite rampant in various pretext causing severe consequences to global peace, security and stability. We all are aware of terrorism and fundamentalism that have been creating serious threat to humanity; the capitalism seems reluctant in seeking sustainable solutions of terrorism as well the fundamentalism. The accursed gift of global capitalism is individualism, consumerism and divisive policy to weaken the resistance power of the working class destabilizing the national interest, integrity and progressive ideology. Corporate media and other sufficing institutions have been entrusted in this collaboration as influential instruments on this regards.

Of course, the world today has certainly made some progress in term of economic development and prosperity. But the evidences seem gloomy that several countries of the 3rd world are not being able to pick up the fruit of this progress on the basis of equal opportunity. International trade, investment and technology are the dreams of distance for them and the current global economic order and inequalities among the countries are even more serious result orienting. The people, who are below the absolute poverty line in the world, are more than one billion and majority of them live in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Ignorance, poverty, famine and malnutrition are neither our birth choice nor the natural endowment for us. These are the ruthless outcome of inequitable distribution of national income, exploitative labor markets among and within the countries and extractive blood shocking capitalism. I think, the global institutions advocating and prescribing neo-liberalism creating state policies for implementation under that very frame work are solely responsible for this despotic, unequal and unjust world.

 Respectable Chair,

With humble submission, I would like to beg your permission to recall and share an event of twenty years back while Peoples' Leader Comrade Madan Bhandari, the then General Secretary of our Party, was addressing to the communists and leftists around the world assembled in an international seminar at Calcutta, India, organized by Communist Party of India (Marxists), had declared that growing contradictions among the capitalist countries themselves, persistence of economic recession among them and rising discontent amongst the oppressed and exploited people due to pro-capitalist and anti-poor policies imposed in the third world reassure that resurgence of Marxism is inevitable. ...The set back of Marxism is a temporary phenomenon and a social philosophy developed by examining the class nature and historical redevelopment will definitely regain in the near future.


Distinguished delegates,

 Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for listening me and lot of thanks again to the Communist Party of Vietnam for hosting such an excellent meeting. I would always appreciate your benign hospitality, convivial succor and convenient accommodation. The great Leader Comrade Ho Chi Minh, the grandeur of this magnificent Ho Chi Minh City and ever enchanting, never satiable and lust-accelerating panoramic scene of Vietnam may ever keep freshen the sharing of our experiences.

Arriving at conclusion, I will be delighted to cherish the fact that we are approaching at the threshold of second centenary of Karl Marx, the great philosopher and the leader of the working class. During these two centuries practices, Marxism have observed myriads of vicissitudes though its importance has incessantly been growing. Increasing attacks from both the extreme ends of the political spectrum, either from radicals or rightist forces endeavoring to create set back on Marxism. It is the dire need of global workers and left forces to strongly defend and reinvigorate the Marxism in global political discourse and actions. In order to contribute a step forward, on behalf of my party, I would like to propose to organize an international conference "on the validity of Marxism in the present day world", on the occasion of the second centenary of Karl Marx.

At last but not the least, I should impart couples of words as the best wishes for the grand success of this august gathering in drawing fruitful conclusion that could contribute for the cause of building socialism and create peaceful world to live in free of tension.   

Thank you very much.           


(Remarks by Comrade Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former Prime Minister and Senior Leader of CPN (UML) to the working committee meeting of IMPWC, Vietnam, July 2, 2016)   

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